• Any change or update of this policy will be published on this page before implementation.

  • Service Terms & Conditions

    • Please consult with your physician before taking any services, using any facility or equipment when you are not sure if it suitable to your health condition.
    • If you have any health issues arises, please DO let us know before your session. If you feel any uncomfortable during your session, please let your trainer know ASAP.
    • Please arrive to and get ready for the class before the class starting time. Do NOT enter into the class after the class starting time.
    • Please note that facilities including the parking lot is not open to the public and also whenever you are not having a class or consultation with us.
    • We prepared mat and tools for your class, but you are welcome to purchase and bring your owns to enhance hygiene level.
    • Please remove your outside shoes before entering the 2nd floor, only clean gyms shoes are allowed for certain classes.
    • Please wear proper outfit before entering the training area.
    • We provide locker for your convenience, but we could NOT guarantee your belongings safety. Please do not bring valuables to the class, and keep all your belongings safe, we are not responsible for any loss or damage.
    • Please do not take any company property with you.
    • Please do not bring pet into the facility.
    • We will not be responsible for keeping or passing on anybody’s personal belongings to others.
    • We will not be responsible for babysitting or supervising your children/guardians.
    • Wewill not be responsible for any other services, products or suggestions other than fitness training classes listed on our website and schedules.  any health and nutrition concerns and issues please reach to for your physician or dietitian for advice. 
    • Business hours may be temporarily or permanently modified due to various reason.

  • Refund Policy

    • If notice is given within 7 days after purchasing AND 24 hours prior to the first class, a full refund or transfer to other plans is allowed with no extra charge.
    • If notice is given after 7 days from purchasing OR after 24 hours prior to the first class, NO refund or transfer to other plans will be allowed. 
    • If there's a serious change in your life/health condition, and if your plan allows, we may approve your request to transfer your remaining class to a friend, or change your remaining class to another plan depends on your actual condition depending on your actual condition. and a $35 administration fee will be applied in this case.
      please provide your written request (or send an email to info@spaversante.com from your registered email address) with the reason and your friend's full name, phone number and email.
      We will process the case with in 2 business days after all the information and a $35 administration fee is collected.
      请提交书面申请,或从您在本馆登记的邮箱发送电邮到info@spaversante.com 说明申请的理由、朋友的姓名、电话、邮箱等必要信息,本馆将酌情考虑。

  • Class Attendence Policy

    Plan Expiry/有效期:

    • Expiry date varies according to each plan. Classes has to be taken within the expiry date. The expired courses will be regarded as your spontaneous abandonment.
    • For some plans, you can extend the expiry date by renew/purchasing a new plan(details indicated in below), but if you have NOT attended a class within 3 years, Your account will be regarded as your spontaneous abandonment. A new account will be created for your if purchasing a new plan, and nothing will be able to carry on from your previous account.
    • All plans will be started from the sign up date. If you need to postpone the start date due to your personal reasons, the latest start date should be within 1 month after the sign up date.、
    • When renew plans, if your old plan is not finished yet, your new plan will be started on your old plans expiry date.


    1. Group Classes 团体课:

    • No pre-booking for group class, check in at the door. 
    • 20 and 50 group plans are allowed to share with family members, while unlimited group plans are restricted to ONLY self-use.
    • Vacation (unlimited plans ONLY):
      1-3 times vacation is allowed depends on the plan you purchased. 
      Each vacation has to be minimum 1 month and maximum 12 month. 
    • With 20/50 group plans, when purchasing a new plan, the old plan 's expiry date will be extended up to the new plan's expiry date. 

    2. Small Group Training 小班精致专修课程:

    • Your class schedule will be pre-arranged before your 1st class started. No cancellation is allowed for this pre-arranged schedule ONLY if a doctor’s notice presented.  
    • When cancel with doctor’s notice, a makeup class (group class) will be provide, and all the makeup class will be expired after 1 month of the original plan finish date, and no other class will be provided if you let your makeup class expired.
      *Make up class for Prenatal will be expired after 6 month of the original plan finish date.
      *No makeup class will be provided if you miss your Kid Pose class).  

    3. Private Class 私教课程:

    • Expiry after 1 year after purchase. 
      1 vacation is allowed by Private class plans, each vacation has to be minimum 1 month and maximum 12 month.
      when purchasing a new plan, the old plan's expiry date will be extended up to the new plan's expiry date.
    • Private classes need to be pre-booked, please give at least 24 hours’ notice of cancellation and/or re-arrangement, OR 0.5h will be deducted from your plan.
      私教课程需提前预约,取消或更改需提前24小时通知,否则将会扣除该课程 0.5 h。
    • If you are late for your private class, your class might be canceled and in that case a 0.5h will be deducted from your plan.
      如果私教课程迟到,课程可能会被取消,并扣除该课程 0.5 h。

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