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Covid-19 Safety Plan

1.    Area preparation:

  • Use tape to mark traffic flows and distancing for :

    • Guests at the reception area;

    • Guests in the waiting area;

    • Traffic flow;

    • Guest in shared classrooms (each student uses an area of 2.5mx2.5m).

    • Space between exercise machinery.

  • Use Plastic dividers if the distance between two people is not enough.

  • People should be set at least 2 meters apart always, occupancy limits poster should be posted at the entrance of each area.

  • The elevator, stairway, and each entrance are limited to one person to use at a time.

  • Rest areas, Lockers, Sauna, Steam, Changing rooms are temporarily closed.

  • Posters of Mask are Mandatory, Hours & Services opening, Entry Check, Social Distancing are to be posted at the entrance gate.

  • Hand disinfection station are to be placed at the entrance of each area (hand sanitizer, gloves, paper towels, wet paper towels, trash cans with trash bags), along with posters of When to wash/disinfection hands ,personal hygiene, and How to correctly dispose PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) .

  • Entry Check, How to wear of masks properly, 9 tips for epidemic prevention, Social Distancing posters are to be posted around the facility.

  • Posters of How to wash hands properly and How to flush toilet properly are to be posted in each bathroom.

  • Posters informing customers to Bring your own yoga mat, Avoid being barefoot, and Not spray alcohol on mats (to avoid damaging them) are displayed in the yoga studio.

  • Check whether the air-conditioning circulation system is working properly every day and notify management if there is any problem.

  • If possible, try to open doors and windows for ventilation as much as possible, or at least open doors and windows for ventilation for at least 10 minutes between two courses/treatments.

  • No use of fans in any case.

  • Remove all unnecessary decorations, equipment, newspaper, hair dryers, hair spray, candy, magazines, fitness accessories, etc.

  • Guest linen, cups, food and beverages are no longer provided, but drinking water from a water dispenser for the guests to fill their own bottle is still provided.

  • Movable tolls (such as Pilates balls, rollers, dumbbells, etc.) should be placed in a centralized manner.

  • Since all the equipment in Spa Versante must be operated by employees or used under the guidance of employees, a Do Not Touch poster must be posted in the equipment area to prevent guests from touching or using it by themselves.​​

2.    Controlling Occupancy

  • The gate is locked by default, allowing only customers with reservations and approved delivery personnel to enter.

  • Screening guests (staff need to filter guests according to the inquires listed on the Entry Check Poster when making a reservation and inform guests that if the guest or the guest’s same household members developing any problems listed on the poster, they must call and cancel the appointment. no cancellation fees will be applied in this situation).

  • Keep a record of the staff and guests and their entrance time and period for at least 30 days.

  • Set at least 10 minutes space between each appointment, the areas that the guest has visited must be ventilated, cleaned, and disinfected. For all used equipment, floor, and wall of the used areas (if there is a contact), who should in charge of these task should be clearly defined by manager.

  • Guests must arrive at the Facility 5 minutes before the stated appointment time and leave within 5 minutes after the appointment time ends. Do not arrive too early, stay in too late, or enter unnecessary areas, and guests are not to bring unnecessary people and items to the facility.

  • Before opening the door, use the door video system to check and remind guests to wear a mask before letting them in.

  • Try to opt for online consultation with guests, and for customer service and after-sales service. Disputes are not to be held in the facility, if guests have any complaints, please send an email to the company at:, we will get back within 2 business days.

  • Provide online credit card payment choice and roadside pickup services, avoid cash if possible.

3.    All visitors (including employees, guests, delivery personnel, etc.)

  • The changing room is temporarily closed, please wear suitable clothes to the Spa

  • Complete a self-check followed to the Entry Check Poster posted on the front door. Those who are confirmed to have no symptoms, no possibility of infection, and normal body temperature should press the doorbell to enter; if there is any abnormality, go home and self-isolate immediately or call 811 for assistance.

  • Be sure to wear a mask before entering the Facility, and you must keep the mask on at all the times in the facility:

    • Masks need to use medical grade or above.

    • When the guests are receiving facial care, or those who have special circumstances and cannot wear masks, or children under 2 years old do not need to wear a mask;

    • Employees who is staying alone in a room, or guest who is doing exercise are recommend wearing a mask, but not mandatory (service providers need to wear masks throughout the class)

  • After entering the facility>approach to Hand disinfection station>put paper towels and other waste into the wastebaskets>disinfection your hands>read this Covid-19 safty plan and sign on the self-check and consent form

  • After entering and before leaving the facility, before and after any service, before and after using any equipment/tools, both employees and guests must wash their hands thoroughly (20-second hand washing method) and disinfection their hands.

  • If the number of people in a space reaches to the maximum, or if someone on the opposite side passes through the same passage/door, wait at a position 2 meters away, till the people inside to exit before entering.

  • When inside facility, everyone must keep the 2 meters social distance throughout the time.

  • Avoid any physical contact with others.

  • Bring your own water bottles and avoid loud verbal conversations.

  • If at any time your mask is not on and you want to sneeze, you must cover your mouth and nose with your elbows, and then use a tissue to clean up, and immediately washing your hands thoroughly (20-second hand washing method). and disinfect your hands.

  • If you develop a COVID-19/flu like symptoms while in the facility, immediately report to the manager, go home for isolation, and seek assistance from 811.

4.    Staff Management (Managers):

  • Arrange and supervise the cleaning and disinfection procedures and ensure the implementation of all epidemic prevention measures every day/between each appointment/when there are problems.

  • Employee training and meetings are strongly encouraged to be kept online, or in appropriate areas in the hall with limited pax (keep a distance of 2 meters from each other).

  • Ensure for the implementation of self-examination of employees and guests every day. If anyone develop COVID-19/flu-like symptoms in Spa, immediately send them home for isolation and told them to seek 811 for assistance. Manager should immediately notify all relevant personnel and to arrange the workplace disinfection.

  • Be prepared for the increased absence of employees due to illnesses in themselves or their family members and children’s, and conduct cross-training of employees to ensure that key tasks can remain operational.

  • If the workplace needs to be closed and necessary work needs to be completed, appropriate employees can be arranged to work at home.

5.    For Employees:

  • Avoid any unnecessary trips and gatherings during the epidemic, pay attention to temperature changes, and prevent colds/flus.

  • If you have symptoms when referring to the Entry Check poster, please request COVID-19 leave. If the conditions are met, you can apply for and receive CREB or CRSB during the leave.

    • Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit (CRCB): Income support if you must stop work to care for dependents due to closures, high risk and caregiver availability.

    • Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit (CRSB): Up to two weeks of support if you are sick or must self-isolate due to COVID-19.

    • If you want to use annual vacation, the company can let you to take all the leaves that has been accumulated (do not have to wait until 1 year of work).

    • If you have been infected with the coronavirus or have the possibility of contact/infection, you need to isolate at home for 14 days or to complete a nucleic acid test and obtain a negative result before returning to work.

  • Provide services in compliance with working hours and open services directed by the company.

  • Remind guests to cooperate with and to implement mandatory mask orders, to wear masks correctly, to maintain social distancing, to wash hands properly, and to disinfect hands before and after service, and other Covid-19 prevention measures.

  • Contactless payment is recommended. If a credit card, cash, or any other items must to be handed, you can wear gloves or hands should be disinfected immediately after.

  • The delivery person is likely to enter the hall in a hurry and does not perform hand disinfection due to wearing gloves, so please clean and disinfect all the places he has touched and the outer box of the shipping according to the cleaning and disinfection process.

  • Gloves must be changed before serving different guests.

  • Stagger meal times between employees.

  • Try to do consultation/meeting online, and if it is necessary to meet people in person, choose a ventilated area.

  • Covid-19 causes everyone to feel stressed and anxious. If you need to seek help, please feel free to contact your supervisor or company:

  • If the workplace needs to be closed due to Covid-19, the company may require employees in necessary positions to work from home.

6.    Fitness Classes:

  • Consider online classes or outdoor classes.

  • Students must bring their own yoga mats and try to bring any other necessary supplies.

  • Barefoot is not allowed in the training area, non-slip socks are required.

  • Everyone must maintain a distance of 2.5 meters during exercise. Students and trainers must be in actively divided areas during class. Whether they are stationary or moving, the distance between everyone must be 2.5 meters at all times.

  • Avoid movements that require contact between two persons, such as movements that require teacher assistance, and two-person confrontation exercises (except for students who live together).

  • Use language, pictures, demonstrations, and guidance, do not touch students with your hands, if it is necessary to touch students, wear gloves.

  • Limit the number of classes host in the studio and keep enough space.

  • Group class:

    • Temporarily suspended: hot yoga, HIIT, aerobics, dance, sports dance such as Zumba, boxing, and power yoga.

    • Allowed to open from 2020-12-16: low-intensity exercise courses, such as low-intensity settings of exercise equipment/cardiopulmonary training equipment, light gravity training, low-intensity Pilates/yoga, and stretching courses.

7.    Cleaning and disinfection process: Designated Employees clean and disinfect frequently touched items several times a day (e.g., after every service/class, after arriving at the Spa, and before you leave the Spa, cleaning the toilet on a hourly basis, etc.):

  • Small items (such as doorbells, door handles, light switches, countertops, tables, phones, keyboards, touch screens, toilets, faucets, radios, elevator buttons, tools, appliances, instruments, supplies used in the service process, goods received, etc.) After cleaning the dirt/floating dust, spray 70% alcohol and let it stand for 30 seconds to air dry.

  • Large-area items (curtains, floors, table tops, countertops, etc.) are cleaned as usual, then sprayed with Bioesque and allowed to stand for 4 minutes to air dry.

  • Wear masks and gloves when cleaning and disinfecting, and open doors and windows for ventilation.

  • Note that Alcohol is flammable. Keep away from fire when using it and take extra care.

  • If you need to use bleach, 500ppm mixing method: 42ml+4L water (other formula)

  • Do not mix any two disinfectants (including alcohol, bleach, toilet cleaner, Bioesque, etc.). When using different disinfectants, wait until the previously used disinfectant is completely evaporated.

  • The linen used in the service needs to be washed and dried at high temperature after each use.

8.    When there is a suspected case inside the Spa:

  • Immediately instruct relevant persons to go home for isolation, and seek 811 assistance if necessary.

  • Report to the manager immediately and notify all relevant personnel.

  • Wear masks, gloves and isolation gowns, open doors and windows of all relevant spaces, spray Bioesque everywhere, and make sure Bioesque stays wet for 4 minutes. After the disinfectant has completely evaporated and dissipated, enter to clean/remove/rearrange equipment, and then the space can be re-entered.

  • Follow up with the situation of suspected cases. If a suspected case is confirmed, all people who have been in contact with the patient will be notified to self-quarantine at home. After 14 days or if they are not infected (take a test and get a negative result), they can return to work or make an appointment for service again.

  • We would like to sincerely thank every customer and colleague for their hard work and cooperation in this tough period. Everyone should remain always vigilant and cautious in order to keep the environment safe. As the situation changes every day, please keep an eye on the latest government guidelines, and management would also make announcements if necessary.

Last Updated December 16, 2020

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