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Swimming Pool

About Our Aquatic Centre

Our 25 meter luxury indoor pool is kept at a constant 31 degree Celsius. It has a 24 hour filter and has a dedicated water quality inspection and maintenance. Our aquatic centre has been providing Richmond with the most comfortable swimming classes for many years.

Our team of 15 professional coaches have enrolled 2,800 students in total and maintains a flow of 1,000 students per week by providing 800 high-quality swimming courses every month.

We currently offer:

Adult Group Swimming

Junior Swimming (Children 3-5 years old)

Red Cross Swim Kids Level 1 - 10 Training

Competitive Swimming Course (Swimming Club)

Public Swimming Lifesaving Knowledge Popularization Course (Free)

Lifeguard Bronze Star, Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross Courses


  • Served in the Jiangsu Swim Team from 1993 to 1999 under the gold medal Olympic coach, Zhang Xiong, specializing in breaststroke. In his sports career, he has won 40 Provincial Championships and 5 National Championships.

  • Represented China in the Asia Pacific Swimming World Cup Short Pool Championships.

  • After retiring, he studied sports training at Nanjing Institute of Physical Education and obtained a bachelor's degree, during which time he served as assistant coach of Jiangsu Swim Team.

  • He attended Nanjing University in 2001 and was captain and coach of the swim team.

  • He immigrated to Canada in 2007 and obtained the Canadian Swimming Coach License, Lifesaving License and National Coach Certificate. 

  • He is now a registered coach of the Canadian Swimming Association.

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Tao Dong

Head Coach

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Da Lee

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Terry Chan

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Grant Zhou

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Joel Lee

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Tom Xu

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Richard Zhao

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Vincent Chung

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David Yang

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Marcus Su

  • Taiwan's outstanding long-distance swimmer. Multiple wins at Taiwan Marathon Long-Distance Swim Championship.

  • Served as the coach of Taiwan Chinese Swim Association and was the head coach of the Summer Swimming Devil Training Camp for middle school students.

  • Coach and examiner of the Taiwan International Red Cross Water Life Saving Association.

  • After immigration to Canada, she was engaged in voluntary service and taught at the Richmond City community pool. 

  • In her extended experience, she implements a set of strict and patient teaching styles which is uniquely and liked by parents and students.

  • Professional training in Hong Kong and has won numerous medals in the Hong Kong Youth Swimming Competition.

  • After immigration to Vancouver with his family, he became a registered swimmer at the BC Swimming Association, representing the club for many years.

  • Obtained swim instructor license and lifesaving license during college.

  • Served as swim coach at many community pools in Vancouver.

  • His profound experience accumulated through long-term training combined with a serous and strict teaching attitude has helped many students make great progress in a short period of time, which has been recognized by students and their parents.

  • First young coach selected and trained by the Versante itself is currently studying at SFU. 

  • Has received systematic training since childhood and obtained coach qualification and lifeguard license in high school.

  • Started in 2011 from participating in the teaching club, became assistant coach and then official coach.

  • In the years of coaching, not only has he absorbed the teaching characteristics of senior coaches, but also gradually formed his own teaching style.

  • Trained by Versante and currently studying at UBC.

  • Has a Canadian swim instructor license, a lifeguard license and a license to teach lifeguard courses.

  • Joined the Versante team in 2013 and mainly serves as a lifeguard course coach and public lifesaving course coach.

  • His patient teaching attitude and serious and rigorous teaching style has helped many students break through themselves and successfully complete the course requirements.

  • One of the first group of students from Versante that has competed in the competition echelon.

  • Has been training at Versante since 2011. 

  • Obtained a coaching license in 2013 and actively participated in coaching at Versante while training. 

  • Years of training at the club and competition experience have provided him with strong technical skills.

  • Trained by Versante and currently studying at SFU.

  • Possesses extraordinary athletic abilities and pays great attention to all-round development.

  • Began coaching at Versante in 2013. He demonstrated strong organizational skills and presented a unique aura and coaching technique.

  • Obtained his coaching license in 2015 and started to coach on his own. Has been recognized by students, parents and fellow coaches.

  • Now only is he a swim coach but also takes on part of the work of guiding the new coaching team.

  • One of the first to compete in Versante's swim competition.

  • Since 2011, he has been training at Versante, without interruption.

  • Demonstrates excellent technical skills and personal strong explosive power to come out in first place in Versante's swim competition in middle and short distance freestyle leaders.

  • From a shy student to a young teaching assistant, to obtaining all the coaching licenses to become and excellent and qualified coach.

  • Trained by Richmond Rapids Swimming Club and joined Versante in 2015.

  • His serious, responsible and loyal work attitude has won respect and recognition of students, parents and coaching staff.

  • Obtained his First Aid license, WSI swim coach license, NLS Canadian lifeguard license, LSI lifeguard coach license, and has become one of the few coaches at Versante with all coaching related licenses.

  • Trained by Versante and currently studying at Langara College.

  • Obtained a coach license and lifeguard license in high school.

  • In 2012 he started his steps in become a swim coach and independently led the implementation of the entire public lifesaving curriculum system in the early stage. From early assistant coaching to independent coaching, he maintains a serious and responsible work attitude along with a friendly and patient teaching style.

  • His teaching techniques to guide children of all ages has become a club teaching system.

  • Trained by Versante and received professional swim training in Taiwan as a teenager.

  • After immigrating to Canada with his family, he continued to study and train in this club and obtained a Canadian swim coach license. 

  • Started as a volunteer coach, then became assistant coach, his conscientious teaching attitude is consistent.

  • He has been recognized for his continuous accumulation and self-improvement techniques.

Swim Coaches
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