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Towards health & beauty.

A message from our manager ...

How my spirit & skin travelled back in time.

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"Taking a look back at my 50 wonderful years of life, I'd like to say thank you.

Like many others, I have experienced many challenges in life -- the pain in loss, the anxiety in helplessness, and the dismay of lost hope. Amidst these challenges, I suddenly found myself 'age', not simply in the sense of time, but physical aging. I found myself drift further and further away from the youthful little girl I once was, in spirit and in soul."

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"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Ariel Zheng, Spa Versante Medi Spa Manager



An exquisite menu of personalized spa treatments.


Our 5,000 sq ft sanctuary, complete with 14 lavish treatment rooms have been thoughtfully and carefully designed for our most discerning guests.


Our objective is to help our members maintain and improve the function and health of their own bodies. Let us help you relieve the pressures of heavy work and life.


Our 25 meter indoor pool is kept at 31 degrees Celsius, year-round. We are complete with 15 coaches, an array of swimming lessons and have enrolled 3,000 students as of today.


Our special online ordering service, available to our members, only. Please call +1(604)278-0772 for more information.

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